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Parks & Recreation Overview

With over 30 years in the industry, our parks and recreation software solutions have been built to help P&R agencies manage operations on tight budgets, increase participation and improve customer service. With an automated park management solution, you will save hours of time and gain more operational control and visibility than you’ve ever had before.

Activity Registration
  • Activity Registration

  • Increase front-desk productivity by processing all registrations online, automating data and payments.

Facility Reservation
  • Facility Reservation

  • Accurately manage facility rentals at your rec center with online booking and search tools.

Membership Management
  • Membership Management

  • Manage and track rec members more effectively with flexible membership packages and reporting.

Event Management
  • Event Management

  • Set up and manage your city events with greater ease with online event management software

Online Ticketing
  • Online Ticketing

  • Allow customers to buy special event tickets online and print tickets at home.

Point of Sale
  • Point of Sale

  • Control revenue by tracking inventory and integrating transactions across all POS environments.

Payment Processing
  • Payment Processing

  • Reduce errors and transaction times by automating the acceptance of credit card payments.

League Management
  • League Management

  • Save time by automating the scheduling of recreation leagues, games, tournaments and officials.

  • Marketing

  • Effectively promote your recreation programs with email, list segmentation, and brochure export tools.

Child Care Management
  • Child Care Management

  • Simplify child care enrollment at your rec center as well as scheduling and payments.

Public Access
  • Public Access

  • Allow your customers to manage online accounts and complete numerous types of online transactions.

  • Reports

  • Gain detailed insight into every area of your business with hundreds of customizable standard reports.

Customer Relationship Management
News & Events Webinars case studies
  • Parks and Recreation Case Studies

    • City of Novato, CA
      Parks, recreation and community services dept. transitions to hosted solution to cut PCI compliance costs.
    • City of Surprise, AZ
      Recreation department reduces in-person registrations by 85% with online registration software.
    • City of Vista, CA
      Recreation and community services departments increase registrations with transition to hosted parks and recreation software.
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