Facility Reservation Software

Facility Reservation Software

Easier, faster, and smarter facility scheduling and booking 

Whether booking a pool for a private swimming lesson, reserving a room for a birthday party, or renting out a soccer field, Active's facility reservation software allows you to eliminate double-bookings, speed up reservations, and automate third-party permit approvals.

Facility Reservation Software Features

Facility Management

  • Provide the convenience of online facility booking
  • Define your hours of operation, allowable reservation periods, required preparation times, and minimum and maximum capacities
  • Set deposit and pricing details with our flexible charge options
  • Use automated email and web approval tools to process reservations requiring multiple approvals or third-party permits
  • Manage facilities that overlap, eliminating double bookings
  • Manage equipment check-in/check-out
  • Speed up bookings with Quick Reserve, which displays facility groupings and availability for each selection.

Search and Calendar Tools

  • Search for facilities by name, type, amenities, site, geographic location and more
  • Configure Scheduling Calendar to view multiple facilities at once by day, week or month
  • Set global skip days, such as New Year’s Day, preventing reservations on dates designated as skip days

Full Integration

  • Facility Reservation integrates seamlessly with Activity Registration and Membership and Pass Management
  • Information entered in one module is automatically updated in all related functional areas

Facility Reservation Software Benefits

  • Management

    • Improve facility and asset management
    • Increase utilization rates
    • Reduce third-party permit risk
    • Improve A/R management
    • Set flexible pricing structures
    • Improve maintenance management
  • Staff

    • Identify suitable facilities quickly
    • View calendars for availability
    • Save time with Quick Reserve
    • Prevent double bookings
    • Automate permit processing
    • Support additional payment options
  • Customer

    • Quicker reservation turnaround
    • Print or email options for receipts
    • Easier permit approval process