Computer Booking & Time Control

Computer Reservation

Automated library computer software that simplifies computer bookings and frees up library personnel

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With increasing demands for additional computing resources at public libraries and schools, management of these resources has become increasingly difficult for library and IT staff. Active Network, Communities provides an easy-to-use, automated solution that ensures orderly use and easy computer access for patrons, and reduces time spent by library personnel monitoring usage.


Computer Reso
  • Online computer reservations
  • Permit either walk-up or scheduled bookings
  • Group computers by type with customizable time lengths
  • Limit number of bookings per patron and restrict access based on user, time, workstation, and status
  • Establish different booking schedules by branch
  • Display warning messages to patrons before time out
  • Automatically time out and log off users after set time expires
  • Monitor and report no shows, usage and booking statistics to provide multi-level access control for administrative purposes


  • Staff

    • Reduce time spent monitoring work stations and confronting patrons
    • Ensure orderly and equitable access during peak times
    • Eliminate manual procedures
    • Single resource pool of workstations across all branches
    • User-friendly application
  • Customer

    • No more uncertainty. Equitable access to machines
    • Reserve for future use
    • Convenience of self-service option
    • Improved customer service