Making the Most of Your
P&R Agency’s Resources

600,000 public sector jobs have been lost since 2009 and budgets have been cut. With fewer people, and less time and money, parks and recreation agencies have been squeezed. However, organizations have been slow to react in their necessary pursuit of financial and operational sustainability.

In this report by Barbara Heller, President of Heller and Heller Consulting, you’ll learn how to effectively manage expenses and resources in challenging economic times. From common cost-cutting mistakes to performance metrics, this free report will help you cut in the right ways rather than arbitrarily across the board. Ultimately, this report will act as your first step toward improving the return on investment of taxpayers’ dollars.

This report shows parks and recreation agencies how to:

  • Avoid common budget-cutting mistakes
  • Control expenses more effectively
  • Review your staff and organizational structure
  • Implement lean practices
  • Analyze core and non-core services
  • Measure performance

To take the first step toward financial sustainability, download the free report.

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