How to Increase Online Registrations
with Internet Marketing

The internet is convenient. For recreation organizations, online registration makes signing up easier for customers and for staff. That’s why when your online registration percentage goes up, so does your free time. But not everyone is ready to register online and for those who don’t jump on it right away, you need an internet marketing plan in place.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about three key areas where you can increase online registrations. From calls to action on your website to Facebook apps and email list building techniques, this resource will help you improve your online marketing in multiple channels.

Download this free ePaper to unlock your internet marketing game plan with:

  1. Website
    1. Design
  2. Social Media
    1. Social Sharing
    2. Facebook Redirect App
  3. Email
    1. List Building
    2. Emailing Tips
  4. Conclusion

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