Mobile for Recreation Organizations:
Why It’s Time for a Strategy

What percentage of your website visitors come from mobile devices? If you’ve accessed your site from your phone, how does it look? These questions are important for any organization to ask. Why? In 2011, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices or you don’t have an application, you may be losing visitors and customers.

In this ePaper, you’ll read about industry-wide and ACTIVE Network-specific mobile statistics. On top of that, you’ll learn the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app, and get examples of apps from YMCAs, parks and recreation agencies, city-wide initiatives, and more. Here is how it’s structured:

1. Mobile statistics: Industry-wide
2. Mobiles apps vs. Mobile websites
3. Mobile application examples
4. Mobile statistics: ACTIVE Network
5. Conclusion

To take the first step toward a mobile strategy, download the free ePaper now. Download Here

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