Five Key Areas for
Revenue Sustainability

Over the last few years, parks and recreation agencies have had to do more with fewer resources. With slashed budgets and trimmed staffs, it’s now on the agency to increase revenue as a way of survival and success. But unlike other governmental departments, parks and recreation agencies can better control their own destiny by charging for programs, events, and services.

In this report by Barbara Heller, President of Heller and Heller Consulting, you’ll learn how to increase revenue in five different ways. You’ll be equipped to move away from reliance on tax support and toward non-tax revenue opportunities. That way, not only will your community be healthy, but so will your bottom line.

This report shows parks and recreation agencies how to increase revenue in five key areas:

  • Pricing
  • Program development
  • Backstage support
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorships

To start increasing revenue in five ways, download the free report now.

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