Parks & Recreation Software

Active Network, Communities provides industry-leading parks & recreation software to thousands of recreation agencies in North America

What is parks & recreation software?

Active Network, Communities' parks and recreation software helps agencies streamline recreation management through its industry-leading software technology. Administrators can manage all aspects of recreation management, including activity registration, facility scheduling, memberships, league management, child care, point-of-sale and much more. Active’s software is easy to use, enabling organizations to simplify parks and recreation operations, reduce costs, and increase customer service levels.

Who uses parks & recreation software?

Thousands of parks and recreation agencies streamline administrative tasks and save hours of tedious paperwork with Active’s park management software. We take the headache out of all areas of recreation management, from registering customers for classes and activities, to booking rooms and processing payments.

No other parks and recreation software provides so much functionality and so many valuable benefits.

Active takes park management software to the next level. Improve efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks and enhance the customer experience all with one suite. Your community is becoming more technologically advanced, so why isn’t your park or community center? Join the digital age with Active Network.

How can parks & recreation software help you?

  • Offer online activity registration to save both your organization and customers time and energy
  • Reserve rooms, courts, rinks and more with our intuitive online scheduling system that eliminates double-bookings and reservation miscommunications
  • Create and manage memberships with just a few clicks
  • Exercise improved flexibility and control with Active’s automated league management software
  • Give customers 24/7 access to your recreation center by allowing them to manage their accounts online
  • Complete every point-of-sale transaction through the same system and create insightful reports that make accounting easier
  • Rely on secure, around-the-clock payment processing
  • Discover new marketing opportunities with Active’s email tool

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