Membership Management Software

Automate membership activities and related processes with Active Network's member management software

How can membership management software help?

Active Network, Communities’ membership management software is designed to help you easily input, track and access member data from one centralized system, offering you a 360-degree view of all member activities and preferences. Run your membership-related operations more efficiently and profitably with Active’s member management software.

Who uses membership management software?

Whether your organization has thousands of members or a small but growing membership base, Active’s member management software is completely scalable to the specific needs of your business. Organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, campus recreation centers, and community centers depend on Active’s software to help them organize, streamline and simplify membership activities.

With Active’s membership management software, front desk staff will be readily equipped with the information they need to quickly and efficiently fulfill member requests, whether a member wants to update a billing address, review recent payments, sign up for a new class or rent a locker. For over 30 years, Active has helped member-based organizations work smarter, not harder. Contact Active Network today for a quote and discover what we can do for you.

How can membership management software help you?

  • Get more members through your doors by listing your activities on our online community,
  • Improve access control to all of your facilities by specifying precise entry points for each type of membership
  • Print access cards, photo IDs and more with a single click
  • Track revenues by pass type and utilization
  • Advertise new facilities and events with our ActiveRewards product sampling program
  • Create and sell various types of memberships and pricing options
  • Promote customer interaction and satisfaction with customized emails, newsletters and offers

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