Facility Scheduling Software

Easily manage the scheduling of fields, courts, rooms, and more with Active’s facility scheduling and management software

What is facility scheduling software?

Active Network, Communities’ facility scheduling software allows you to streamline facility management. From defining open reservation periods to tracking capacity and setting pricing, Active has the easy-to-use software for you. Save time and eliminate double-bookings by using our facility scheduling software to reserve swimming lanes for local leagues, rooms for birthday parties and fields for the big game.

Who uses facility scheduling software?

Facility managers and front desk personnel everywhere count on Active’s facility scheduling software to save time, increase organization and do more each week. Businesses as varied as sports facilities, recreation centers, health and fitness clubs and YMCAs benefit from Active’s flexible software. Customers can even check availability and request reservations online.

Active’s facility scheduling software can increase efficiency and improve customer service in real and practical ways. Active has 30 years of experience providing software solutions for facilities nationwide. Used by thousands of organizations, Active can help your organization, too. Contact Active today to see what our facility scheduling software can do for you!

Get more out of your facility with Active’s intuitive facility scheduling software.

How can our facilities scheduling software help your organization?

  • Facility management: Control every aspect of your facility from opening and closing times, facility capacity control, pricing and deposits, reservation processing and more.
  • Scheduling calendar: View existing reservations and create new ones with Active’s comprehensive scheduling calendar.
  • Reporting: Review every aspect of your bookings, event information, contacts and more.
  • Full integration: Integrate facility reservation, activity reservation, membership and pass management seamlessly.

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