Top 4 Free Survey Tools to Collect Program Feedback

Depending on the size of your organization, you could be putting on hundreds of programs across tens of facilities, over four seasons per year. It’s a lot of work. But in between the constant management, scheduling, support, marketing and more, do you find time to track what people really think of your programs? Customer feedback is crucial to improving your program offerings. If this is how kids feel about your baseball camps, you need to know.  Continue reading

7 Crucial Partnerships for Park and Rec Agencies to Forge


Parks and recreation agencies are (and should be) proud of the programs they offer their communities. But it always comes down to one question: how can we get more people to find out about our programs? If only more people knew, participation would surely increase.

That’s why marketing – and particularly partnership marketing – is so important to P&R agencies. Although these partnerships may not turn out as cute as a monkey and dove, they can still be very effective. Here are seven departments and organizations around the town/city/county that you should meet with:  Continue reading

How to Set Up Your New Twitter Header


Surprise, surprise. A major social network changed something again and we all have to adjust. Just after you sign up for a Pinterest account, Facebook comes out with Timeline, and LinkedIn changes it’s homepage. You know the drill by now – we all have to be on our toes with social media updates. This week, it’s Twitter’s turn to make a design change. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Twitter’s update?  Continue reading

The Top Excuses for Not Exercising [STUDY]

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) and ACTIVE Network conducted the 2012 Grassroots Sports Participation in America survey and have released an executive summary. The study covers motivators and blockers for physical activity and why people of all ages pursue specific sports and activities. Also, there are statistics about how activity fees, sporting goods and nutrition fit into the entire journey of the participant.

Here are some takeaways for your recreation department to check out:

  • 35% of adults indicate a big blocker for participation is that they don’t have a buddy to do it with
  • 60% of adults indicate they’re not more active because they “just don’t like sports”
  • Adults spend more on sports apparel and footwear than they do on sports events, clubs etc.
  • Staying healthy or improving appearance is actually a poor motivator for kids to participate—only 17% selected this as a reason for participating
  • The more sports or activities in which a parent participates, the more likely their child is to be active—85% of parents with children active in two or more activities indicated involvement in six sports/activities themselves

The study covers kids, teens and adults and includes some interesting insights into why we engage in sports and why we drop out. At a time where childhood obesity is a top concern, the study provides clues that could help the recreation industry take more action. ACTIVE Network also provides new research into the types of activities Americans participate in – revealing the factors that make some of us pursue competitive or endurance sports while others are driven by hiking or yoga.

Want to read more? Check out the release here or download the report for FREE from SGMA.

‘The Cloud’: What it is and Why it Matters for P&R Directors


By now, you’ve probably heard a bunch of people talk about “the cloud” and “cloud computing.” But the definition of the cloud is as hazy as the term itself. For parks and recreation directors, we’re going to provide a definition and discuss why it’s important for you to take notice. Let’s clear up some of this cloud talk:

Cloud computing: Software that is delivered over the internet without the need for in-house servers or system maintenance. To access applications in the cloud, all you need is an internet connection and log in credentials.  Continue reading

City of Leduc Launches the First Online Event Calendar in Canada

The City of Leduc and its community partners have launched one online calendar to serve the entire community. The new event website – - pulls in events from multiple sources across the city into one simplistic view. This is the first synchronized technology in Canada that combines events from the city, library, development authority, and chamber of commerce (and more organizations in the future). With the new calendar, citizens and visitors do not have to search through multiple sources to get a view of the day’s activities.
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7 Ways to Write for More Registrations

Do you sometimes feel like participants skim over your website or emails, completely missing the registration link? Do you receive too many phone calls asking about program and event information? It’s no secret that attention spans are getting shorter and many people are skimming rather than reading, but there are ways you can present information about your event that are more likely to garner attention.

Here are seven writing tips to ensure your words will be read (and get you more registrations):  Continue reading

Why Should Park and Rec Agencies Blog?

Eighty-one percent of marketers rated their blogs as useful, important, or critical. Simply put, those who blog are seeing the results. For parks and recreation agencies, you may wonder how a blog could be beneficial, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here’s how and why a blog can help support your goals:

Improve communication with your members/customers

1. Post your blog articles to social networks – You’re always looking for interesting things to post to Facebook and Twitter, right? Writing your own blog posts gives you something to say through social media. Be sure to post your articles on your social networks to increase engagement and visitors.  Continue reading