How to Stand Out in Your Customer’s Inbox

How many emails do you get per day? And of those tens/hundreds/thousands you get in your personal inbox, work inbox, and more, what makes you open one but not another? It’s probably a combination of factors – who’s sending it, the time of day you receive it, the subject line, and the type of content.

Now let’s look at email from the other side – when you’re the sender. If you use email as a marketing tool to promote your upcoming recreation programs, it’s important to understand and optimize all of the factors so that your emails stand out to your customers. Here are four ways to do that:

1. Collect data about your customers

With so many recreation activities for the public to choose from, it’s important for your community organization to get creative to increase participation. Get started by taking a closer look at your customer data. You can uncover trends and identify ways to increase registrations. After that, take that information and use it to create targeted marketing campaigns and offers.

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2. Understand the statistics

Last week, I attended HubSpot’s webinar, The Science of Email Marketing. Known as the Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella compiled the statistics and  presented the webinar. It was one of the more useful webinars I’ve attended because it gave hard evidence rather less-than-concrete theories. These 14 statistics will help you get more opens and clicks. 

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3. Improve the content

Email is an inexpensive and effective way to communicate with members of your community. Most (or all) of you probably use email marketing to spread the word about your events, classes, programs, and news. However, do you have a strategy in place? In this article, we’ll cover eight necessary steps you should take to ensure that your email marketing is on track for success.

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4. Play with enticing subject lines

We need subject lines that pull inbox scanners from their numbed slumber in which most emails are unceremoniously deleted. If our email is to be read, our subject lines must save our recipients from mindless autonomy.

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Take these four steps/resources and improve your emails. You’ll improve open rates, clicks, and ultimately revenue. What else has worked for your effective email campaigns? Comment below.

5 Old-Fashioned Ways to Increase Online Registrations

On this blog, we talk a lot about increasing online registrations through marketing, social media, your website, and more. We do this because online registration has benefits for staff and customers. Staff members can focus on other projects than in-person signups and customers can save time and register when is convenient for them. Most of the time, we discuss tactics like improving your calls to action or using Facebook apps, but today we’re going to take it old school. As ironic as it sounds, even your online registration numbers can be increased with these throw-back ideas:   Continue reading

5 (More) Recreation Apps to Get You Thinking Mobile

Last month, I wrote this article about mobile recreation apps:

“In 2011, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold. With the internet, email, and apps right in their pockets, people access the world from the palms of their hands. That’s why cities, parks and recreation departments, and other community organizations have built mobile apps to connect with visitors and customers and inspire activity. Here are ten mobile apps that will help you with some ideas when you develop a great app for your organization:”

Click here to read the full article.

I shared the article in some LinkedIn groups and people posted other great apps that were out there. Today, I want to highlight five more mobile apps that inspire activity – from historical sites to parks and even pocket trainers. Check out these five apps when considering launching a mobile strategy for your own organization:   Continue reading

Free Online Tools to Improve Your Website

Building a website isn’t like assembling a coffee table – you can’t just throw together a few screws and let it sit for years. A website takes constant updating to keep up with your own changes and news but also to stay on top of effective internet trends. But updating your website with proven techniques can be easier than you think. So if you and your web visitors are pulling out hair when it comes to your site, use these free tools to make sure your website isn’t holding you back:   Continue reading

6 Steps to Manage a Successful Event

Do you organize events for your community? From a 5K fun run to a conference, some events get tricky when it comes to the details. For those events where you need to gather customized information about each attendee, an online event management system makes life easy for the organizer. Our proven technology has been used by thousands of organizations and we’re now offering it to parks and recreation, campus recreation, non-profit, and community organizations.

Here are seven ways to successfully plan and run your next event with software: Continue reading

5 Reasons Online Beats Offline Marketing

Most organizations perform a balancing act between online and offline marketing. With a few brochures and posters offline and some Facebook posts and email marketing online, the message usually spreads pretty well. But today, we’re going to discuss how online marketing is more cost efficient and effective for your recreation marketing.

According to figures released by eMarketer, online/digital advertising grew by 20% in 2011 and is expected to approach $50 billion is spending by 2015* (making it the second most popular ad format behind television advertising). Trends show that people are online (on their PCs, iPads, mobile devices) all the time, so that’s where businesses are going to reach them.   Continue reading

10 Mobile Stats to Instantly Change Your Strategy

By 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage. What does that mean if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website or a mobile app? In fewer than two years, more people will see your website on their phones rather than their computers. This is serious people. Check out some mobile stats.

At ACTIVE Network, we see how quickly mobile is changing the world. On top of that, our goal is to make the world a more active place and going mobile is a natural extension of that. If people can access recreation programs, workout classes, races, events, and more right from their pockets, the world will be more active place. Today, we want to show you our stats in order to show how quickly things are changing:    Continue reading

VIDEO: Together, We Can Make the World More ACTIVE

People ask us all the time what exactly it is that we do. Our company is a mix of technology and marketing and we serve a bunch of different industries from local governments to ski resorts, from endurance events to conferences. We made a video to tell our story:

Ultimately, we want to encourage activity everywhere. We know that you share that goal and if we help you grow and succeed, more people will be inspired to get off the couch and get active.

In the end, our story is really your story. Together, we can make the world a more active place.

What’s your ACTIVE?